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As we evolve,
Our furniture should too!

We present the latest laminates to give your home a perfect decor. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of laminates in all types. Starting from 0.8 mm to 1 mm to latest designs and high print laminates are available with us.

The journey of noble laminates is the one of innovation and adventure, of risk taken and bold decisions made. With a very firm metamorphosis and perfect strategy, the company has today become synonymous with high-quality, reliability and innovation.

We are known for


We are always coming with new concepts and new designs that are full of home furnishing ideas.

Team work

We are producing the best and emerging day by day because of our dynamic teamwork.

Latest product

You have to match your steps with the change in order to keep in the race.

Wide network

Many hands make the work move faster. Our spreded network helps us to produce and move faster.


Our Products are majorly available and consumers are easily contacted.


In a rapidly changing world, our culture and passion is essential to the growth of new product concepts, processes and production.


The best quality is our responsibility!

We believe in Making extra ordinary and letting our clients get the extra ordinary. And that our employees are trained for quality making. The class apart laminate designs and textures are the result of team’s hard work. We blindly believe in quality.

We are maintaining the quality of our product as per the specified instructions by the Indian standard Bureau and all the International required standard.

We offer a free replacement warranty for the life time for our product, which proves that we are always using the high quality raw material to maintain our quality.


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